Patient Pathway: IV Sedation Dentistry

By July 24, 2017 June 11th, 2018 Erin Baer DDS, Patient Pathway
IV Sedation Patient Pathway Dentistry in Santa Barbara & Lompoc, CA by Ericson Dental

IV Sedation Dentistry, How It Works, & Who’s a Good Candidate

We are happy to be your resource for your questions and to help you maintain a healthy smile for you and your family. here is what to expect when applying for sedation dentistry…


  • We develop a plan with you to improve your oral health and your smile
  • Your financial options are presented at this appointment


  • Jennifer will meet with you to explain what to expect before and after your treatment appointment if this was not completed during your initial consultation
  • Any needed prescriptions will be called in for you and the directions reviewed


  • Appointments can range from 1-4+ hours
  • We will give your driver a half an hour warning time of when you will be ready to be picked up


  • Sutures (if placed) are usually removed at this appointment


  • At this appointment we insure healing is on track. An x-ray may be taken at this appointment


  • We plan a timeline for your final restorations at this appointment


  • No sedatives, stimulants or alcohol for 12 hours before or after your appointment
  • No chance of pregnancy, nail polish, sensitivities to Benzodiazepine or other contraindications
  • No food or water after midnight on the day of the appointment, except medications taken on a daily basis
  • No contact lenses or jewelry day of your appointment
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing (Example: blouse, short sleeve shirt, and smock)
  • No driving, operating hazardous equipment, work, heavy lifting or important decisions for 12 hours after your appointment
  • No stairs unless being escorted
  • No heavy meal that evening, a light diet will be more than adequate. (yogurt, eggs, toast)
  • You must have a responsible person bring you, drive your home, and stay with you until you are fully alert

We understand going to the dentist isn’t high up on everyone’s to do list! With that in mind, we want your experience to be stellar. From staff, to facilities and procedures, your time with us will make the dentist something to look forward to. So thank you for taking the time to educate yourself on oral hygiene practices to maintain your oral health. If you have any further questions, concerns, or would like to set up your sedation appointment, call us at (805) 884-1874 for Santa Barbara(805) 735-2702 for Lompoc,  or reach us here.

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