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Minimally Invasive, Gentle Treatment to Fight Tooth Decay

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Fight Decay with Composite Fillings at Ericson Dental


Cavities are a reality of life. Almost everyone will at one point or another suffer from tooth decay. Fortunately, composite fillings offer a way to help fight decay and keep your mouth and whole body healthy.

Ericson Dental’s philosophy of care is centered on using modern, non-invasive strategies and techniques to make sure your dental and whole body health remain strong. That’s why we use composite fillings to help you fight decay in your teeth.

In addition to looking more natural and being a stronger material for your tooth’s filling, it’s also less toxic and a more environmentally friendly material.

Why composite fillings?


Mercury Free

Natural Color

Bonded to Tooth Surface

Minimally Invasive

Ready to achieve lifelong dental health?


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Tooth Decay Treatment at Ericson Dental

Ericson Dental’s focus when treating tooth decay with composite fillings is comfortable, consistent care. We take pride in not only ensuring you get the most advanced and state-of-the-art filling treatments available, but that your care is stress free. We ensure you understand everything we do and feel comfortable the entire time.

At Ericson Dental, we take pride in our….

1. Friendly, Attentive Care

From the moment you step into our office, your appointment will be tailored to your individual needs and comfort level.

Our friendly staff will answer any questions about your insurance or payment options and help you relax with amenities like

  • Cozy blankets
  • Heated towels
  • IV sedation

2. Advanced Digital X-Rays

We use top-of-the-line digital x-rays to diagnose damage or decay in your mouth.

Digital x-rays…

  • Take just a few seconds
  • Use hardly any radiation and are safe for the environment
  • Provide a high-quality, detailed image to aid in the early detection of cavities and disease

Best of all, we’ll display your x-rays on a screen next to your chair so you can see what our doctors see! Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything.

3. IV Sedation Dentistry

It’s normal to be anxious about the dentist. For those who suffer from dental anxiety, we promise to do everything we can to make you as comfortable as possible

We’re proud to be one of the only licensed dentists in the Lompoc and Santa Barbara area to offer IV sedation. IV sedation…

  • Allows us to treat you more efficiently
  • Will leave you with no memory of the procedure
  • Is much safer than general anesthesia
  • Generally reduces postoperative discomfort
  • Helps eliminate stress associated with dental procedures

Questions on how we ensure your comfort during any of your dental treatments? Just ask! We’re happy to explain how we help reduce dental anxiety.

Whether you are going for your routine dental check-ups and cleanings or looking to dramatically improve your smile, Ericson Dental is the place to go! Dr. Ericson, Dr. Baer, and Dr. Dudley are all very knowledgeable, talented and passionate about making sure you are getting the care you deserve! Just stop in to see the office-you will be very impressed!!

Kala G. (Apr '16)

Both Dr Ericson and Dr Baer are personable, kind, and most importantly, great dentists. The office environment is very inviting, and the staff are happy to be there. Dr Ericson is the first to know and learn about new techniques, and I find that very comforting and exciting. He really wants the best for his patients! Highly recommend.

Shannon C. (FEB '16)

Dr Ericson and all of his staff are amazing. He is honest and gentle... Two important qualities for a dentist! And he's personable and easy to talk to. Not to mention the office is pretty posh! Highly recommend this office!

Rachel H. (Apr '16)

Wonderful office and staff. Dr. Ericson and Dr. Baer are both so professional and make your dental visit as comfortable as possible!

Chris P. (Mar '16)

I have been going to Dr Ericson for a few years now. It is always a great experience. They are all very friendly and professional. Dr Ericson is phenomenal and is always eager to talk to you and find out how you are doing and what you have been doing!

Alex H. (Jan '16)

Love the dental office!! The office has a very nice ocean view, the staff is very nice and welcoming every time . Dr Ericson and Dr Bear make you feel very comfortable .They have a new doctor in the practice, Dr Dudley. His very caring, and does an amazing job as well. I won't wouldn't go anywhere else .

Paola M. (Apr '16)

Dr. Baer and the other staff at Ericson Dental are amazing. This is one of the cleanest, most professional offices I've been to. It is very clean, there is no waiting past your appointment time, everyone is friendly, and clearly this whole team knows what they're doing and have worked together for some time. I highly recommend this dental office!

Ryan O. (Jan '16)

Loved it. No better place in Santa Barbara. Highly recommended!

Nicole K. (Jan '16)

Hands down- the best office I've ever been to! Dr. Ericson, Dr. Baer, and Dr. Dudley are extremely knowledgeable and truly care. They have helped me choose the right treatment and I highly recommend them!

Bob W. (Apr '16)

I have had nothing but great experiences at Ericson Dental. The doctors and the staff are caring and knowledgeable. They even got me in on short notice when I chipped my front tooth. Thank you Ericson Dental.

Mike T. (Mar '16)

Dental health is possible when we work together!


At Ericson Dental, we get to know our patients beyond their gumline. We believe a healthy, beautiful smile can be achieved through lasting relationships and consistent, high-end care. By combining expertise with top-of-the-line technology, we deliver a level of care that’s unmatched in the Santa Barbara and Lompoc area.

Ericson Dental Is Committed To…

Relationships Built on Trust

Compassionate & Consistent Care

Minimally-Invasive, Proven Techniques

Affordable Financing & Payment Options

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