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Left untreated, decay and damage to your teeth can set off a chain reaction of lifelong health problems. Infections, painful toothaches, bone loss in the jaw, and difficulty eating and speaking are all unfortunate but likely outcomes. At Ericson Dental, we’ll help you protect your health, restore your smile, and keep your teeth healthy for as long as possible.

Custom-made porcelain crowns and fixed dental bridges are among the best solutions for fixing damaged or lost teeth. Our dentists take pride in providing beautiful, function, and durable restorations for our patients.

Crowns: Protect & Strengthen Damaged Teeth

After a root canal, the final step is often a restoration called a crown. During the root canal, decayed and damaged tooth structure is removed. The crown acts as a protective cap, covering the remaining tooth and restoring its original size and shape.

We work with a local dental lab and their master ceramists who are experts at creating high-quality, custom porcelain restorations. Then in the hands of our skilled dentist, your crown will fit perfectly onto the prepared surface of the tooth.

With proper care your crown can last for decades!

Advantages of Porcelain Crowns:

  • Restores your tooth to its original size and appearance
  • Bonds directly to your teeth for added strength
  • Saves fractured teeth that otherwise may need to be extracted

Did you know: A crown can also be used as the final restoration as part of a dental implant.

Dr Sten Ericson New Patient Dental Exam 2019

Bridges: A Solution For Missing Teeth

Bridges are custom-made restorations that “bridge” the gap caused by one more more missing teeth. The bridge itself is anchored to crowns placed on the teeth adjacent to the gap for support and strength.

Unlike traditional adhesive dentures, a fixed bridge is never removed. Compared to dentures, a fixed bridge is an excellent investment that will allow you to speak naturally, eat the foods you love, and most importantly, smile with confidence.

Advantages of Bridges:

  • Prevents bite and jaw joint problems caused by shifting and misaligned teeth
  • Stops the “sunken face” look associated with missing teeth
  • Offers a more permanent solution than traditional dentures

Best experience I have ever had. Really they took care of me and I am not a fan of dentists. I have had major dental work done and the office staff and dental assistants have been fantastic! If you need a dentist I recommend Ericson Dental all the way. I love Ericson Dental and will never go to another dentist.

Lisa G.

Both Dr Ericson and Dr Baer are personable, kind, and most importantly, great dentists. The office environment is very inviting, and the staff are happy to be there. Dr Ericson is the first to know and learn about new techniques, and I find that very comforting and exciting. He really wants the best for his patients! Highly recommend.

Shannon C. (FEB '16)

Dr Ericson and all of his staff are amazing. He is honest and gentle... Two important qualities for a dentist! And he's personable and easy to talk to. I always see Lisa for hygiene and love her! She is thorough and also very gentle. And she's really sweet. Not to mention the office is pretty posh! Highly recommend this office!

Rachel H. (Apr '16)

Wonderful office and staff. Dr. Ericson and Dr. Baer are both so professional and make your dental visit as comfortable as possible!

Chris P. (Mar '16)

I have been going to Dr Ericson for a few years now. It is always a great experience. They are all very friendly and professional. Dr Ericson is phenomenal and is always eager to talk to you and find out how you are doing and what you have been doing!

Alex H. (Jan '16)

I have been pleased with the care I've received at Ericson Dental this past year. The staff is pleasant, the dentists are skilled, and the equipment is first rate. I had a cavity filled about 6 weeks ago. Dr. Ericson used a new machine which numbed only the tooth, not the surrounding tissue. No more walking around with a numb jaw. Sweet!

Wayne I.

Dr. Baer and the other staff at Ericson Dental are amazing. This is one of the cleanest, most professional offices I've been to. It is very clean, there is no waiting past your appointment time, everyone is friendly, and clearly this whole team knows what they're doing and have worked together for some time. I highly recommend this dental office!

Ryan O. (Jan '16)

Loved it. No better place in Santa Barbara. Highly recommended!

Nicole K. (Jan '16)

Very professional staff and Dr. Ericson provides a conservative approach to dental care. Always takes time to answer questions and never appears to be in a hurry.

David G.

I have had nothing but great experiences at Ericson Dental. The doctors and the staff are caring and knowledgeable. They even got me in on short notice when I chipped my front tooth. Thank you Ericson Dental.

Mike T. (Mar '16)

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Our dentists have decades of experience and our practice has invested in the latest dental technology. We’re proud to be able to offer the most beautiful, durable, and functional restorations in Santa Barbara and Lompoc.

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